Your support matters.

“I support Nihi! because it TEACHES OUR CHILDREN that what we have and WHO WE ARE IS BEAUTIFUL and WORTH PROTECTING.”

—Julian Aguon, Human Rights Attorney

Your donations ensure that Nihi! can keep our studio open, keep the lights on, pay production costs, share the program with public school classrooms, and continue to affirm cultural identity while offering unique industry experience and opportunities for local children to engage in community productions.


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80% of GDOE’s 30,000 public school students are considered high-poverty. Studies now show that reconnecting children to culture is key to academic success, socio-emotional well-being, and even reducing high-risk behaviors like suicide. For a community that faces high rates of domestic violence, suicide, and drug abuse, it is urgent for us to send the message that our traditional knowledge is relevant — that “who we are and what we have is beautiful and worth protecting”.