Our Mission

We are a non-profit media company producing culture-based programming (with a focus on children) to affirm Chamoru and regional identity and to inspire a love for our land, ocean, culture, and community.


  1. Perpetuate and revitalize among children, especially Chamoru children, the unique indigenous Chamoru culture, language, and stories;

  2. Instill a confidence and pride in our unique identity and our island communities throughout the region;

  3. Inspire a deep love for our ocean, land, and people;

  4. Reconnect children and our community to the natural environment;

  5. Promote sustainable and healthy ways of living;

  6. Uplift traditional knowledge;

thereby affirming identity and empowering the future caretakers of our land, ocean and culture.

Our programs aim to increase knowledge of our island and region while instilling core values of inafa’maolek, mamålao, and other culturally-based values. Our model teaches environmental stewardship through cultural ownership — that empowered, islander children protect and respect their home when they know, love, and feel a personal connection to it.


Our History

In 2011, cousins Cara Flores and Jason Flores Triplett began pilot production of a culture-based children’s series in a small room in their grandmother’s house. They created so that Chamoru and other Micronesian children could see themselves and their culture valued in the media that they watched.

Several years later, a small group of educators and community advocates founded DUK DUK GOOSE, INC. After setting up a small studio and office in Hagåtña, the first project was a full Season of Nihi!, a series that aimed to affirm identity and reconnect children to their culture and natural environment through songs, skits, stories, art and movement.

In 2014, Nihi! launched on four local channels as Guam’s first culture-based, educational children’s program.